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Contributing to Rust — tooling, IDEs and infrastructure

Tools play a huge part in the success of a language, and there is a great deal left to implement. A major focus of Rust development now is improving the IDE experience. This involves work throughout the Rust stack, from the compiler itself through your favorite IDE. Follow the link for more information.

Both Cargo, the Rust package manager, and rustdoc, the Rust documentation generator, while full-featured and functional, suffer from a lack of developers. Rustdoc has many open issues, under the main repository’s T-rustdoc label. They are mostly bugs and contributing is a matter of fixing the bug and submitting a pull request. Cargo has its own repository and issues, and those interested in contributing might want to introduce themselves in #cargo.

Although Rust can be run under both the gdb and lldb debuggers with limited success, there are still many cases where debugging does not work as expected. The A-debuginfo issue tracks these.

For ideas for more tooling projects to contribute to see awesome-rust.

There are often other tooling projects of interest just waiting for the right people to come along and implement them. Discuss with other Rust tooling enthusiasts in #rust-tools.