Rustプロジェクトは複数のチームで管理されています。 それぞれのチームは特定の領域に焦点を当てています。 以下はアルファベット順のチームのメンバーリストです。

チームに連絡を取るには質問またはコメントをインターナルフォーラムに投稿してチーム名に対応するタグを付けて下さい。 セキュリティの開示はRustセキュリティ開示プロセスに従うようにして下さい。

Core team

責務: overall direction of the project, subteam leadership, cross-cutting concerns

Language team

責務: designing new language features

Language team shepherds

責務: helping guide language RFCs to completion, assisting the language team with its work

Library team

責務: the Rust standard library, rust-lang crates, conventions, and ecosystem support

Compiler team

責務: compiler internals, optimizations

Dev tools team

責務: Rust developer tools

Cargo team

責務: design and implementation of Cargo

IDEs and editors team

責務: IDEs, editors, and supporting tools such as Racer and the RLS

Infrastructure team

責務: infrastructure supporting the Rust project itself: CI, releases, bots, metrics
連絡: team

責務: management of operations, development, and policies for

Release team

責務: tracking regressions, stabilizations, and producing Rust releases

Community team

責務: coordinating events, outreach, commercial users, teaching materials, and exposure

Documentation team

責務: ensuring Rust has fantastic documentation

Documentation peers

責務: oversight of specific documentation, and coordination with the docs team

Rustdoc team

責務: Documentation tools including Rustdoc and

Moderation team

責務: helping uphold the code of conduct

Rust team alumni

責務: enjoying a leisurely retirement